Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Airsoft Accessories

When you have the perfect airsoft gun for all your airsoft skirmishes selected, what else could you possibly need? Certainly do not want to enter the field and playing only with your Airsoft gun in hand!

Here is a list of important and useful Airsoft guns accessories:
Breathing Full Goggle and/or mask
Sure, Airsoft guns only shoot little plastic BBs, but once the little BB is going at full speed can be sure that will hurt (75- 500max ft per/sec). At that speed BBS can break the skin or cause serious damage to the eye. Protect yourself from the serious (and not so serious) injuries!
There are many different types of BBs out there. You can choose different colors, yellow is the most popular. Biodegradable BBS are becoming increasingly popular and almost standard. These bullets take less than a year to decompose in contrast with more than five years with the older style. Airsoft BB gun is available in different weights, as well. The lighter the BB has more potential, would be for larger Distances, but more likely it is of going off course, can be driven by a light wind, etc. Heavier BBs are more accurate, but not travel quite so far. Most people choose an airsoft gun BB half with a weight of 0.20 or 0.25. Now there are bullets that are filled with ink that explodes and spreads on impact. You can also get some with ink that looks like blood …
A holster
Keep extra Airsoft guns in hand or store that is used in a holster. You will find it very useful when you are on the ground.
If you choose, not to wear a mask (recommended), to be sure, at least wear a pair of glasses. Security is the key.
Before you hit the field practice your shot. Red laser sight, Get more accurate with a red laser sight. Furthermore, it seems cool! You can find one that easily connects to most Airsoft Guns. For even more accuracy get a scope.
Refill CO2, extra magazines, ammo. Keeping these on hand when you need it.
Combat Tactical Vest
This will protect against the sting of pellets! Also, you can store more on your person.
There are many other airsoft gun accessories, you can choose. There are many aftermarket products that can be added. You can customize your Airsoft gun to anyway you want.

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